PINarchitecture Competition

One Response to “PINarchitecture Competition”
  1. “Self-healing sidewalk”, proposes employing the bacterium, Bacillus pasteurii, as a primary agent in the material maintenance of concrete-based urban infrastructure, through the process of biocalcification.

    Dormant bacterial spore are liberated and exposed to water in the environment by small stress fractures in the concrete caused by annual freeze/thaw cycles etc. The combination of water and nourishment in the admixture are the basic components needed to activate the process of biocalcification amongst the bacteria as they expand to reconstitute the materiality of the concrete.

    In addition, to help visualize the extent of “self-healed sidewalk” at the urban scale, it is one ambition of the proposal that the Bacillus pasteurii bacterium maybe genetically modified and encoded with the gene for bioluminescence.

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